Memorial Day Service



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  1. Abasskimaya says:

    Amen,You Pin the Tell on the Donkey. I’ve experience this in my lhraedseip develop with the Holy Spirit. God is wanting true worshipers to worship Him in Spirit and Truth. We need to check our idea and opinion at the church door.(Flesh) God is moving in his people and we need to be ready for Spiritual Warfare. Many of our Brother and Sister have not be discipled because we’re to busy playing Church. True knowledge of God is Jesus who is our righteousness(Romans 10:2-4)and their is nothing we can do to make ourselves right. It D.O.(Divine Order)Time for Leaders to step in their anointing and be about the Father’s Business. Winning Souls, Feeding God’s Sheep and standing in Jesus Christ Rightousness. Game Over!!!!Thanks for being bold in you accessment of the what is going on in some of our churches. But let this be a warning to the new church. That God is a Holy God and He can not bless his childern if they choices to live in disobeient that produces Sin.The question is why gain the world and loss your soul to be Cool. Family please check yourself before you wreack yourself and all those who depend on you to be all that God what you to Be.

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